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Welcome at "Belgium-Beer" and Home Brewery "Delle"            

Home Brewery "Delle" is the smallest brewery in Belgium.

Our beers are produced with 100% natural ingredients with no filtration or pasteurisation in order to preserve the maximum natural flavours of the beer. 

Our beer brewing technique is based on the old Belgian style with exclusive top fermentation yeast cultures and  secondary fermentation in the bottle.

For the "body" of our beers we use Belgium type modified malts from barley and wheat . As finishing "perfume" to achieve the characteristic soft bitterness we use the traditional female hopbells, from Poperinge-Belgium, Hallertau-Germany and Saaz-Czech republic

Our Home Brewery, the smallest brewery in Belgium,  is located in Holsbeek, about 6 km from the headquarters of INBEV (Leuven) , the largest brewery on the planet....

"Belgium Beer" actively promotes the Belgian Style of Beer Brewing.

If you are visisting Belgium and have some free time we are offering 2 ways to enjoy Belgian Beers :

          1 Belgium Beer course & tasting : 4 hours

          2 Belgium Beer course & tasting : 2 hours

The beer course covers the following topics :

          Beer Ingredients : water, malt, kolbach, friability, hop, yeast

          Brewing steps : extract original wort, degree Plato, beer pH

          Fermentation : top, bottom, spontaneous, attenuation%

          Beer tasting : aroma, esters, bitter, sweet, spicy,body

The long and short version of the beer course can be organised on demand and will depend on the level of detail desired and the time available.

       For more info contact us at:

 Belgium Beer course & tasting by Dr.Ing. F.Meeus, Master Brewer


Belgium Beer

Theory and Practice

For the Belgium Beer Lover and the Homebrewer

Belgium Beer course

            Beer tasting theory and practice
        Home brewery Delle in Holsbeek (Leuven)